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at last QLD gets Daylight Saving!

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daylight-savingAfter the very successful running of the second Earth Hour last week, the QLD government has hit on a novel way of appeasing all parties in the debate over Daylight Saving in the state.

The argument for has always been that by bringing the clocks forward an hour during the summer months, we would ‘create’ and extra hour of daylight which could then be used productively by society (because the hours of darkness are not used productively?).

The argument against varies but includes farmers stating that their corn crops would get confused and not grow, the cows would not produce the same amount of milk, the state covers too greater an area with differing time zones, etc.

Either way, the QLD government has taken a leaf from the Earth Hour movement. If by all society turning off their lights for an hour saved the imminent destruction of our planet by an hour…, then why cannot all Queenslanders just go inside for an hour – as this would save us using ‘an hour of daylight’.

So there you have it, Daylight Saving a la QLD government style – stay indoors for an hour each day during the summer months…!

Quite simple really (and that’s not the idea I’m talking about ..).

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