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Swine Flu, Its a Pig of a Cold

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Your head feels the size of pig, your sinus seems be a never ending supply of pig swill and when you blow your nose, ..well a pig would be happy to wallow in it! So do you have the common cold OR do you have the dreaded SWINE FLU?

Swine Flu

Now I’m not someone who gets sick often and if I get a cold, I shake it off in a few days without much ado. However things have been a bit different this last week with me laboring under what I can only describe as ‘a pig of a cold’.

It began innocuously enough with a sore throat which easily dissipated over the course of the day. Not so the second day when I awoke to find my voice disappearing on me. The 24 hours of silence was most welcome by my adversaries but not so my return. The return of my voice was marked with a rasping cough which has now turned into a gut wrenching belching splutter with grade A sputin!

Not to be left out, the head had evolved into what feels like a zeppelin airship with epileptic jackhammers trying to escape from within. Any movement from side to side or quickly ascending from my chair is met with what can only be described as ‘trippy’ – a sensation akin to perhaps what hallucinogenic drugs might induce.

And sleeping at nights is a non event, for me and for my wife. The moment I get to lie down its like somebody in my head opens the taps from my sinuses. Down it pours, down my nasal passages and into the back of my throat. There it collects until it eventually spills over the causeway and down my throat – passing the epiglottis en-route. The result is always the same as it tries to head for the lungs – I wake choking on my snot!

For the rest of it, the bones don’t ache to bad, no shivers or temperatures to speak of, and not much of a runny nose.

Its quite funny if it wasn’t so much of a hassle for those around me. Everyone gives me a wide berth and likens my nasal and guttural behaviour to that of a pig so this begs the question, “.. I’m behaving like a pig and appear to have flu so do I have SWINE FLU..?”

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