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Living With BSoD

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It’s not pretty… and it’s not nice… but for some of us, we just have to live with it.

Blue Screen of Death, otherwise known as BSoD, is a rather all to common occurrence with Windows based computers. But for some of us, its not just an occurrence but rather a regular event, something we can count on occurring at exactly the wrong time and as such have developed counter measures, strategies and contingency plans for when it occurs.

In essence, Windows decides things are getting a bit confusing and so shuts down ‘to prevent further damage’ without any notice or warning. This results in the total loss of any and all things open or not saved.

My love affair with BSoD began 4 years ago when I built my own computer (and some of you will be saying – there’s your problem) and installed a copy of Windows XP Pro. In the first two years I would have spent many THOUSANDS of hours trying to figure out the cause of my BSoD to no avail. Believe me when I say I have tried EVERYTHING known to mankind to try and fix it but with limited success (the up side is I have learnt a hell of a lot more about PC’s and the Win operating system).

But all is not lost – for the last two years I have come to terms with my BSoD and have a work around remedy which keeps me partially sane. It’s so simple yet it’ll save you many hours of heartache and pain.


How easy is that!

I won’t go into the nitty gritty technical side of things here suffice to say that by doing this you will extend the life of your hard drive (and hence protect your data) and other hardware, all of which gets a bashing every time your machine crashes and you have to do a hard reset.

It’s one more click than you currently do but thats a lot less than the thousands of clicks you would have to do in the event of replacing your PC!

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