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The Hardest Part Is Always The Beginning

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They say the hardest part is always the beginning and today this point was once again, clearly demonstrated.

The hardest part is always the beginning

I have a very dear friend (N) who is a natural born artist, one of those rare people that no matter what they turn their artistic hand too, it turns to gold… (figuratively speaking of course) yet if only she would start (literally) ‘turning it to gold’…

For the past year or so, I have being pushing N to start selling her artwork, telling her how great it is and that she is truly talented. Just today N shows me her first foray into ‘abstract painting’ and blow me down, its a masterpiece…! During our conversation I comment on her earrings and would you believe it, she has just made them and a silver ring from scratch, using traditional methods starting with the initial smelting of the silver right through to the final polishing…! N now fancies doing a bit of sculpturing and no doubt they’ll be absolute winners too.

Bottom line is though, N needs to start selling her creations and make some dough but the thought of doing that drives fear right through her heart. Perhaps it’s the finality of a sale, the conclusion to the journey, or simply being lazy that stops her from doing this but whatever you choose to call it, she won’t start.

So keep an eye on today’s date and I’ll post again once N has taken the bold step and sells her first piece, then we can all look back and smile at ‘her beginnings‘ and at what once seemed ‘the hardest part‘.

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  1. Yes! finally we have a start… and its in the shape of the Tickler Nod Blog. If you want to see the ramblings of an Artist in the making, then read it.

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