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Slow Is Faster

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Laminar and Turbulent Flow

Laminar versus Turbulent Flow

Smooth running water flows faster than rough, turbulent water!

Let me explain.

Take your ordinary garden hosepipe attached to the tap, turn on the tap and watch the water flow freely. Slowly increase the flow from the tap and correspondingly the flow from the end of the hosepipe increases until suddenly the water no longer flows freely but has become turbulent. At this point you will also observe that LESS water now flows from the hosepipe than before! Why?

Well its all to do with laminar flow versus turbulent flow and the increased ‘friction’ of the later – without getting too technical, this is just how it is. But lets turn our thoughts to real life analogies.

Take your normal hard working individual. You push him more and more in the hope of achieving more and more work out of him until suddenly his work rate drops off and he actually performs slower…. You’ve made him switch from ‘laminar flow’ to ‘turbulent flow’, with its resultant increased ‘friction’ causing the slow down!

The proverb “More Haste, Less Speed” and the children’s story of “The Tortoise and The Hare” are both classic examples of where slow is quicker than fast, where calm achieves before tantrums.

End result: Don’t turn the tap on as much and the water will flow faster. Don’t push a person so hard as to hinder his progress. Don’t panic and you’ll resolve it quicker that way…

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