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… Let There Be Light

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Light Switch

Some say "The Finger Is Mightier Than God"

So we’ve all read the Good Book and know the phrase from the third verse of the Book of Genesis which says…, ‘And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Others amongst us might just be ardent AC/DC fans and know the lyrics to the song ‘Let There Be Rock’ which goes…, ‘Let there be light, and there was light‘.

But there’s a third group of people out there who don’t know any of this, a group so lazy that they truly believe light originates elsewhere..

You wake up in the morning and the curtains are closed and the room is dark! Those who trust in God open the curtains and voilà, there was light… The second bunch, the head banging music aficionado’s, simply turn up the volume and everything seems a little clearer, BUT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY.

You wake up, you take your big fat lazy digit on your big fat lazy hand and drag your big fat lazy arse over to the curtains, right next to the draw cord for the curtains, and then CLICK – light magically appears from above! Who needs to expend the energy and draw the curtains to let the light in when you can just use your BIG FAT LAZY FINGER and switch the light on instead!

There will come a time when I will wire every light switch in my house with 50 000 volts and the next big fat lazy digit that decides it’s easier to switch a light on than to draw the curtains will find themselves knocking on the Purley gates with a whole lot of explaining to do….

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