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Kevin Rudd is the new John Howard

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The Right was Center before the Left went Right.

You have to either love them or hate them, that’s the reality about political parties. This is not new mind you, its been the same since time immortal. Left wing, right wing, centralist.., conservative, liberal, nationalists… call the parties what you may but it is all the same at the end of the day because its all relative!

Religion and Politics

Is there really any difference between the two..?

Just look at John Howard, he came in as a Liberal and steered his party to the left until it commanded the center, a position that makes it almost impossible for any other party to have any policy other than a radical policy ie not a populist policy and results in a reduced vote.

Kevin Rudd arrives on the scene and immediately steers the party towards the right and low and behold, he now pretty much commands the center… (see the similarity?)

…which brings me to this glaring conclusion. Political parties are all the same, just trying to get into power using whatever policies will jolly on the voters and then once in power drift towards a centrist ideology where you sit out your term of office.

Kevin Rudd is doing exactly what John Howard did so successfully and it puzzles me why ardent Liberals don’t support Labour’s policies and why Labour followers keep bashing on about past Liberal policies (which after all have become [or will soon become] simply the same)?

Politics has taken on a Religious stance with some voters as they support one party over another irrespective of the policies, just like a person and his/her religious beliefs – they’ll follow one religion over another irrespective of the ideologies….

Weird Huh..

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