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Interesting… the new Boring!

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Interesting - the new Boring … the newInteresting, the new Boring

Two very simple and common words, used by us all… but how many times do we use them in completely the wrong context or for completely the opposite reason..? All the time I reckon…

Remember the conversation you were having with your mate the other day, and he was prattling on about something and all you could say in response to his sermon was… ‘Interesting..’

Or when the wife mentions her day in the laundry and how she finds the clothes pegs to be too brightly coloured… ‘hmmm interesting’

Even politicians, when asked about an opponents new policy or their view on something, ‘..that’s an interesting point you make..’

etc. etc. The point is (excuse the pun) what the people really mean is ‘BORING’ or ‘CRAP’ but dare not say it. What seems an innocuous word is in fact a pretty deceitful little number and can be used in all sorts of places to deflect the truth without hurting the others feelings – even though they may know what your intended meaning really is!

Aah, the power of English..

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