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Everything is Relative

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Albert Einstein…and we’re not talking about Albert Einstein and his ‘Theory of Relativity’ either! (Although to be fair, it could be argued by some that his theory is responsible)

…and I’m sure we all know the English proverb “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”

or how about simply… It depends on your point of view!

… and that just it. Everything we do or say is relative to our frame of reference. Its what we think or its what we have interpreted something to mean or its how we understand it to be. As soon as we become more informed or are given another perspective, we may then see and do thing differently. We have changed the underlying position or rather ‘changed our frame of reference’ and hence our perspective on something has changed.

A person who is 5 foot in height, may seem tall to some and short to others. The person does not change height but rather the observer changes height and once again the persons height is relative to the observer.

So next time somebody says or does something which is quite opposite to what you would consider correct, pause for  moment and consider their perspective… and you could be surprised just how similar you views might actually be!

Thanks Albert.

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