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Tiger Airways – A Grrrrr8 Rip Off

Tiger Airways - Rip Off

Tiger Airways - Rip Off

The Grrrrrreate Tiger Airways Rip Off

Low Cost, Low Customer Service – Zero Integrity…

Don’t do it! You have been warned. I have travelled the world professionally for over 20 years, had flown around the globe over 10 times before I had even left school, I have flown with the best (1st class) and the worst and now I have flown with TIGER AIRWAYS…

Why should you NOT fly with them, you ask? Simple. They do not deliver their product (as advertised or otherwise).

When you purchase an airline ticket, you expect to be flown from A to B. If for some reason the carrier cannot for full its half of the bargain (ie to fly you from A to B) you’d at least expect:

to be informed accordingly,

perhaps offered an alternative,

refunded your ticket purchase,

and offered an appology.

Tiger does non of these when it fails to deliver (which it does over 25% of the time and increasing..).

It has been over 6 weeks since our flights were cancelled without warning, without an apology, without and offer of an alternative AND WITHOUT REFUND!

All the correct forms have been filled in as requested by Tiger Airways, they acknowledge receipt of the refund request, they acknowledge ‘it is in the system’ and ‘it should be paid in the coming days’ BUT IT NEVER IS REPAID!

All my wife and I ever receive is the delaying tactics of a corporation without a line of credit and with its back to the wall. They haven’t the money to refund the flights and the banks won’t lend them any more…. The writing is on the wall, mark my words.

Don’t give them your money and expect to receive anything in return… it just won’t happen!

Tiger Airways, The Great Rip Off

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3 Responses

  1. Well it looks like we have another newbie… welcome Air Australia. Inaugural flight Nov 15, 2011 – lets see how long they last considering http://bit.ly/rISP2h

  2. Hah! I don’t like saying…”I told you so”… but after hearing the news last night and the report on Tiger Airways having it’s license suspended for 7 days, you’ve got to seriously look at the question of Tiger Airways still being here in a few months time!

    It’s going to cost them 4 million dollars for the suspension (two thirds of last years reported annual loss) and inconvenience 35 000 passengers! This last point is surely going to be the death knoll for Tiger.

    It’s sad but perhaps inevitable. Perhaps time for a new ‘low cost carrier’ player in the market?

  3. Here’s a handy tip:-


    Do the right thing in the first instance and hand over one copy of your Disruption Refund form to the ground staff immediately after your flight has been cancelled. When you get home, fax off a second copy to 03 9335 3455.

    You can forget calling the standard advertised telephone number 03 9335 3033 as it is re-routed to Manilla and answered by customer services representatives who are told to stall all refunds indefinitely! This is an absolute waste of your time!

    Instead, follow your actions up with a call to Head Office and Lucas Gilbee, the Customer Operations Manager in Melbourne for Tiger Airways on his private line 03 9330 3188 ext 114, and his private fax 03 9330 3288. Request an immediate refund back onto your credit card (3 working days).

    If after these 3 days you still have not been refunded, contact your credit card company and file a Disputed Transaction against Tiger Airways for ‘services not supplied’. It costs you nothing, is always successful but does take about 3 weeks to process.

    Oh, one last thing… don’t fly Tiger Airways again!

    Good luck.

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