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Ants, Ants, Ants…

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We’ve all got them but do we want them..?

Yes there are those amongst us who would go to great lengths I’m sure, to protect the ants but I’m not one of them [and I suspect neither are the vast majority of us].


Ants, ants, ants ...

So try as I may, I seem unable to get rid of them and its not just ONE hive of ants I’m dealing with here but FOUR… and its not just ONE species of ant but again FOUR different types of ant..!

The big guys have been the easiest to deal with (partly because they have remained outside but also partly because I found out what it was they were after on my property). Theses guys arrived one morning and were cheerfully making short work of my garbage bin and its contents. I simply removed the offending rubbish and relocated the garbage bin and touch wood I have not seen them for months.

The next size down are a present from the neighbour 4 doors up the road. Their garage roof is infested with them and although I have spoken to them about the problem (and too their credit they have tried to deal with the ants) they remain. If only the ants would stay on our neighbours property all would be OK but our cats dried food makes a tasty meal for these ants and so they return. As soon as I tidy up the messy food they disappear but return a few days later to check on their free meal. I’m currently laying poison (in the form of outdoor ant sand) across their path to the neighbours property. We shall see if this works.

The small guys seem to spend their time around my sink and kitchen work surfaces. No matter how hard I try with disinfectant each night to insure all surfaces are clean, in the morning I have the buggers running around everywhere. The cordial bottle in the pantry was a favourite with them. A week ago I put a few droplets of indoor ant-rid poison around the pantry. Within hours I had thousands of the guys drinking on the stuff and hey presto, next day – no ants! ouch wood this has worked for a week so I think I have killed off this hive.

The smallest ant and the newest addition to my kitchen, is minute in size. The little chaps are almost translucent in colour and barely visible on the speckled worktop. At first we thought they were fleas or some other sort of insect but no, they are most definitely ants, complete with 6 legs and two antennae. They seem disinterested in the poison that was so successful with their bigger cousins..? so what next.

The way I see things, I’m down to one current problem and one pending with two potential problems.

Its not ideal but thing rarely ever are…

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