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WikiLeaks, the Governments Big Brother

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Hey.. Mr Government,


is watching YOU!

How does it feel now, with the shoe on the other foot…?

Well, it feels just great from where I’m sitting down here as Mr Joe Blow public.

It’s about time somebody stood up and began holding the worlds governments accountable and today that somebody is Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

For too long governments have been able to do and say one thing yet we the public get fed some other cock and bull story (they call it politics). In any democracy, we have a right to know what our elected representatives say or do on our behalf. If they do not want us to know their thoughts and actions, then they shouldn’t say or do them in the first place. The moment those representatives utter a sound or point a finger, those sounds and gestures are done in the public domain and they become public property.

Criminals have been doing it for years.., if you don’t want to get caught then don’t leave a paper trail. Perhaps politicians and governments could take a leaf out of the criminals’ books!

Until then we will settle for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to keep governments honest and us the public informed.

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