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Another Fine Eatery Goes South

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It was only ever going to be just a matter of time before another great eatery falls from grace… Today, it was the turn of

Anna's Garden Terrace Café

Annas Garden Terrace Café, Gold Coast.

In that all consuming quest for the mighty dollar, Anna’s decided to take a very successful recipe (excuse the pun) and try to improve on it… but unfortunately the end result has been a total flop (no excuse for the pun this time).

Arguably once one of the better ‘value for money’ breakfast spots on the Gold Coast, the little gem tucked away inside Ashmore Garden World is alas, no more.

And who or what do we have to thank for this loss… a new menu, that’s what!

The new menu brings with it naturally, new prices and new ways of presenting old dishes all of which I would normally embrace, not however when it comes at the expense of others.

For example, a perfectly good order of French toast and maple syrup complete with bacon, bananas and walnuts HAS NOW BECOME a single slice of bread cut into quarters, a few shards of an almond, bacon as a side order, no banana AND a drizzle of maple syrup – oh! and lets not forget a pretty flower on top… all for an extra 20% in price!

Take the humble ‘bacon & eggs’, the staple of many a breakfast café and Annas was no different. Well now it is different, you may still get the two eggs BUT say goodbye to the rest of the dish. It’s down to HALF a slice of artisan bread, a single rasher of bacon, one decorative Roma tomato and heaps of rocket salad (and of course anther 15% in price). A lovely dish yes, but a worthy replacement to the former, no.

So where does this leave Annas many loyal patrons? Besides out of pocket and still hungry, we’re at a loss!

Good eateries are few and far in-between on the Gold Coast and when you loose one as we have in Annas Garden Terrace Café, it’s invariable not replaced by another. So you find yourself spending your money elsewhere while waiting patiently for another Melbournite to arrive and to set up shop on the Coast.

C’est la vie.

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