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Realising One’s Own Mortality Is Hard On Others

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Realising One's Own Mortality
There comes a time in everybody’s life when you suddenly realise that one day – you will die.

You have this concious thought that you will not live forever and that the clock is counting down the days until you will ‘cease to be’. You are but a mere mortal and one day, everything will come to an end.

You have realised your own mortality!

Depending on the person, this is a tough realisation and it takes a bit of time to work through and accept. For some it is but a fleeting moment, for others it can take years to process and compartmentalise and digest and accept (or not as the case may be).

But what about those around you? Have you ever given any thought as to how your ‘new realisation’ might be affecting them?

I somehow doubt it!

Let me just say… it’s a pain in the ass listening to your wails of “…I won’t always be here..” and “…this may be the last time I see you..” etc.

It’s a fact of life and it befalls EVERYBODY at some time or another so just deal with it. Accept it and shut up! Stop making your misery the misery of others. All you achieve by this ‘woe is me’ attitude, is to drive those close to you away and in essence, bring forward the final day. Fat lot of use that does you!

Life is about living and death is about dying – so if you want to talk about your impending death, you will just die and die in the hearts and minds of others. Instead while you’re still alive, talk about Life and you’ll keep on living… living in the thoughts and lives of others.

The choice is yours.

Focus on your mortality and die alone or accept it and continue to live among others.

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