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Does Water Give You Clarity Of Thought

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Is it at all possible that good old fashioned water can clear one thoughts of all clutter?

Does Water Give You Clarity Of Thought


I mean, you’ve got a head full of stuff and ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’ scenario yet add some water to the mix and viola, everything becomes clear. Is this possible?

Take for example, you’re standing in the shower with the warm water flowing over your head and down your face, your eyes are firmly shut and all you hear is the sound of running water – at that moment, do you have billions of thoughts rushing through your mind or just a singular overiding thought?

It’s the later, it always is.

It’s as if the water just washes away your troubles leaving you with the important bits.

How many of you have stood in the shower and reasoned out a problem and suddenly you have an epiphany and the answer is there? Or you’re out swimming in the ocean all alone with your thoughts and then suddenly it all makes sense and you know what to do.

Decisions like, ‘today’s the day to propose..’ or ‘that’s it, we’re selling the car..’ or ‘stuff you and stuff your job..’ have all originated out of the clarity that water has brought to the moment.

Next time you’re in a bind and have pressures on you to make a decision but ‘it seems all to much’.., go stick your head in a bucket of water and while you’re there, ask yourself ‘what’s important?’ You may be surprised at what surfaces!

And so you will come to see that Yes, water does clear ones head and allow one to think more clearly. Water does give you clarity of thought.


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