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Gas Fracking Will Save The Environment


Let me start off by saying that if the world really wants to ‘Save The Environment‘, then the world needs to remove it’s dependency on the environment because it’s that very same dependency that is fuelling the destruction.

Gas Fracking Will Save The Environment

Now we all know that ‘the world’ is not about to cut back let alone remove it’s environmental dependency no matter how hard or loud any lobby may bleat, so where does that leave us – I’ll tell you where that leaves us… it leaves us with Gas Fracking!

You and everyone else on this planet needs ‘energy’, some may need only a few sticks of wood for a fire yet others may require megawatts of electricity or billions of barrels of oil… and no matter how you cut it, slice it or parcel it up, producing that energy all leads to the destruction of the environment in one way or another!

So you can forget about ‘Saving The Environment’ and must instead focus on attaining an acceptable compromise between the Environment and your Energy Needs. And that means choosing CSG (Coal Seam Gas) and the inevitable use of Hydro Fracturing (fracking) over other more traditional hydrocarbons like petroleum oil, as your energy supply of choice.

Sure we can pursue wind energy and sun energy and all the other ‘clean’ energies but until they can be produced in sufficient quantities and at an affordable enough price to meet our insatiable energy needs of today, we’re stuck with the hydrocarbons and the destruction of our planet.

But ‘what about the bigger picture’ you say? What about tomorrow and the future of the environment?

The answer although tough to swallow is simple – we live in the today, the now and NOT in the tomorrow. Doing today for the good of tomorrow sounds all good and well in theory until there’s no food on your plate today or no electricity today for your internet or heating or no fuel today for your car or no house to live in and keep your family safe and dry TODAY.

We have to get through TODAY if we want to be here to enjoy TOMORROW.

So we need to do what we can today to satisfy our energy needs of today and only then look at what we can do to reduce our dependency on the environment for tomorrow and the future AND THAT MEANS SWITCHING FROM PETROLEUM OIL TO CSG (and fracking).

I’m sorry but that’s the reality – Gas Fracking Will Save The Environment and the sooner the governments, activists and old men in tweed caps and woolly jumpers realise that, the better off we and the planet will be.

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3 Responses

  1. Not sure you deserve this, but here’s something you should read and digest before you next go on a rant about
    1) how we can’t simultaneously have a healthy environment and the energy we need
    2) comment about the impossibility of alternative energy solutions
    For sure, we do have to have some amount of energy to maintain the standard of living to which we are accustomed. It is highly arguable whether or not frakking/CSG is actually lower in greenhouse gas emissions when all “peripheral” costs are counted; the research has not been done yet.
    Here’s the site you should check out – educate yourself.

  2. 1ktheo, if you read my post above you’ll see that I don’t state that Gas Fracking is ‘clean’ and nor do I state that I approve of Gas Fracking. For the record, I do not work for the industry and in fact I vehemently oppose Gas Fracking! What I am saying however, is that natural gas and Gas Fracking is better than current hydrocarbon production viz-a-vie coal and oil and the associated environmental destruction and emissions created in their mining and use.

  3. Only if you don’t understand science, or anything about the “Environment” would you believe any of this…jumbo. Which peer reviewed science journals does the author read…the news paper? By the way who is the author? I challenge the anonymous author to come back with real scientific evidence that fracking is clean, look to the USA for your answer. Who does the anonymous author really work for…need we ask.

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