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Channel 7 Promotes Illegal Movie Downloads

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Yup, you heard right!
Channel 7 supports illegal movie downloads

The television network Channel 7 blatantly supports and promotes the illegal downloading of movies off the Internet!

As preposterous as it seems, Channel 7 continues to drive its audience towards the illegal act of movie piracy. Night after night they show ‘full length’ cinema movies laced with advertising. Advertising on TV is nothing new and it’s something we have all grown to expect AND accept. After all, it’s traditionally the business model upon which TV stations are based.

BUT Channel 7 has taken things a step further.

They have taken your average 2 hour long full feature movie and made it 3 hours long… that’s sounds like a whole lot more enjoyment until you realise that the extra hour is all ADVERTISEMENTS! On average that makes 10 minutes of movie interspersed by 5 minutes of adverts!

You still watching the movie? Not board yet (or pissed off)? But it gets worse!

At the beginning of the movie, Channel 7 will run continuously for 15 minutes before the first set of ads and they will only be a few lasting 2 minutes or so. That sounds like a fair trade, 15 for 2. As the movie marches on the gaps between sets of ads falls to 10 and below with the ads now lasting 4 minutes and above. Now the trade is 10 for 4, not so good!

But the last half hour or so of the movie, when the plot is about to get played out, Channel 7 ramps things up a notch. You get 6 minutes of movie with as many as 15 ads, that’s just shy of 5 minutes of ads and a trade off of 6 to 5 – horrific!

The movie keeps getting interrupted at the end of almost every scene and has become neigh on impossible to watch.

So how does all this relate to promoting the illegal downloading of movies by Channel 7, you ask?  - Simple.

It only takes about 30 minutes to download a movie off the Internet and when you combine that with the normal running time of 2 hours, it’s a no brainer. You see a movie you like on Channel 7 and immediately start downloading it while you make a cup of coffee and a bowl of popcorn. You watch the movie AD’s FREE and uninterrupted and when it’s over, switch back to Channel 7 so you can see the ending of the movie again if you so wish!

It’s too easy.

Mainstream television stations like Channel 7 need to change with the times and re-invent their advertisement methodology or risk becoming unwitting champions of movie piracy.

Maybe somebody should sue Channel 7… they might then get the message!

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