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The Future of Smart Phones

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Documenting the history of ‘mobile phones’ is easy but what about the future? What will the so called ‘smart phone’ of tomorrow be?

The Future of Smart PhonesEverybody remembers Motorola and their technological marvel when they unveiled their first ‘mobile phone’. Walking down the high street lugging this 5kg battery.. you new then you were at the cutting edge of technology..

But you could even look a bit further back than that. The military has been using ‘mobile phones’ as far back as WWII.

Today we take our ‘flip top phone’ and ‘smart phone’ for granted but what about tomorrow. What will our communication devices of the future look like?

Perhaps an embedded chip in your neck.. sounds a bit far fetched to me but then so did mobile phones in Star Trek, all those years ago.

OK, lets reel it in a bit and look only a few years ahead at where mobile technology might be. We already have QR codes, making ticket-less travel a complete reality. Simply swipe the QR code displayed on your smart phone and voilà, you AND YOUR BAGS are checked in.

This week Google unveiled its Google Wallet, a method of paying by using your smart phone! Simply swipe your smart phone in front of the device and your financial transaction is complete!

Smart phone apps are getting more and more savy, they know where you are, they can target specific users, they can tailor their message to you.. they almost identify you and that’s a reality!

So your trusty little phone makes telephone calls, allows you to search and garner knowledge, take photos and video, pay for things, tell you where you are whether you’re lost or not, and more. What else in your handbag could your trusty little phone replace?

What about monitoring your health… the phone keeps track of all your vital signs and warns you of any impending heart attack or onset of an illness. It is connected directly to the pharmaceutical companies so orders and delivers your medication directly to you, in the street or wherever!

How about thought recognition… the phone no longer requires you to use a keypad or touch screen or voice recognition but simply ‘knows’ when you want to do something and it does it straight away for you! So when you’re hungry the phone orders a pizza, pays for it and delivers it to you on the street or wherever you might be!

Here’s a good one, Zonal Computing (remember folks – you heard it here first)… the phone is able to make zone based decisions for you. You park the car and walk away, when you return to the ‘zone’ your phone calculates your parking fee and pays it. You do nothing. Another example, you go to the pub and drink 6 pints of larger and eat a basket of fries and then go home. Your phone knows what you’ve had, knows where you are and simply picks up the tab and pays the merchant for you. Zonal Computing.

Lets go Integral… Your phone records your sight (not like today’s video but rather the phone remains in your pocket and wireless-ly records all you see) or if you reverse engineer it, blind people could receive electronic/sensory images from their phone directly to their brain. Simply point the phone and blind people see what the phone sees!

The possibilities are endless and only constrained by our imagination.

As they say, “Watch this space”.

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