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Kevin Rudd, The ALP’s Grandmaster


Today yielded another fine move from Kevin Rudd, the Australian Labor Party’s (ALP) Grandmaster in his ‘chess’ game with fledgeling chess Master, Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Kevin Rudd, The ALP's GrandmasterThe Kevin Rudd
Prime Minister Julia Gillard
chess match hots up!

The game’s being going on for months now with neither side giving away it’s strategy but all that has now changed with Kevin Rudd’s announcement last night.

In a confident counter attack that has caught the young pretender Julia Gillard off guard, the wiley old Grandmaster of Australian political life Kevin Rudd, tendered his resignation.

The value of this move by Kevin Rudd and whether it will have the desired effect, all depends on the next move from Julia Gillard and her government.

Mr Rudd for his part is now able to campaign for the leadership from the backbench, freed of cabinet solidarity and able to speak freely about the Gillard government.

He will also be able to detail approaches to him from Labor MPs and ministers over the past few months as despair about Ms Gillard’s prospects grew.

Unfortunately for all of us, there is the unknown quantity of ‘…The Faceless Men’.

I refer to the faceless men that are running the Labor Party, the faceless men that launched a successful stealth attack on a sitting prime minister elected by the people and resulting in the prime ministers removal and the faceless men who are in bed with BIG business labor unions.

Like the Grandmasters of old, keep your opponent in check often enough and their game will begin to fall apart…

I’d say 3 more moves and it’s checkmate!

Good luck Julia

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3 Responses

  1. - 3rd Move -

    This post is a little bit of “I TOLD YOU SO” and a lot of belly aching…

    The wiley old grand-master of Australian politics Kevin Rudd, has out maneuvered the young pretender Julia Gillard one last time and delivered a modern day coup d’tat resulting in not only her demise but also her complete eradication from the game…

    er, that’s CHECKMATE Julia – thanks for playing, sorry you lost but then chess is not for everyone.

  2. - 2nd Move -

    Ms Gillard receives the overwhelming support of the Labor caucus (70%) with Mr Rudd polling just 30%.

    Ms Gillard remains leader of the Labor Party and Mr Rudd retreats to the parliamentary back benches.

    That’s ‘check’ by Ms Gillard…

    …and now all eyes will be on Mr Rudd to see how he manoeuvres out of this one!

  3. - 1st Move –

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her cabinet launch a nationwide media campaign to discredit Kevin Rudd in the eyes of the labor electorate.

    Kevin Rudd urges the labor electorate to lobby their local Labor Party official for a change in leader.

    For the moment, Kevin’s supporters are the labor electorate and Julia’s are the Labor caucus.

    Stay tuned for the 2nd move…

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