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The 84th Annual Academy Awards ‘Oscars’ Are Plastic

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Yup… last night there was no hiding the truth, the 84th Annual Academy Award Oscars are most definitely plastic! They were on stage and in the audience, plain for all to see.
The Oscars Are Plastic

The 84th Annual Academy Award ‘Oscars’
Are Plastic

The little gilded statuette affectionately known as Oscar to it’s recipients and the world at large, was once again on full display with an estimated global audience of 6 billion watching proceedings.

So to were the larger and more ‘life-like’ statues of the stars and celebrities, each having his or her turn on the global stage where for a brief moment plastic and gold stood hand in hand.

But how can you be so sure…?” you may ask and the answer is simply – A smile never lies!

For millennia artists have struggled with replicating a ‘true’ smile, one that engages and allows you for a brief moment to ‘believe’ your subject. This is testament to the unique qualities that mother nature provides us and that no man can replicate.

So when Billy Crystal stands centre stage and gives a wry smile… immediately we see the results of plastic cosmetic surgery!

And then followed other presenters and more stars and sure enough… the mark of the plastic surgeons knife was all to evident. Smile after smile after smile was fake, lacked any kind of natural curve and did not move in synchronisation with other facial attributes like eyes, nose or cheeks.

Soon it became a question of ‘spot the natural smile’ but with little success.

The Oscars was littered with plastic.

And when you think that it’s a night when the millionaire members of the Academy and film studios hand out gilded trophies to it’s millionaire movie stars… you wonder why they would settle for something as cheap and as common as plastic.

Perhaps these stars no longer aspire to reaching the top of their profession and being awarded a gilded little Oscar but would rather a plastic Oscar!

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