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Pulling up the Pile

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Pulling up the Pile – Is it really that interesting or important?

vacum cleaner pulling up the pile

vacuum cleaner 'pulling up the pile'

Its a simple enough thought or question and does not require much in the way of an answer, yet for some it can be a matter of ‘life and death’…

Well I happen to be one of those people who think the question has merit and it warrants an answer be that a short one liner or a complex dissertation. Perhaps its just the analytically minded or conscientious person amongst us that finds the idle comment wanting an answer. Or is it just being bloody minded, a devils advocate that makes one want to comment at length? What ever the reason for the response and however long or in-depth the response, it is a response non the less and by its very nature it has signalled ones interest in and importance of the subject matter.

  1. “…its not my carpet…” – no interest and certainly not important!
  2. “…was the vacuum cleaner pile height set correctly?..” – interesting but not necessarily important!
  3. “…she’s going to shred her carpet before its time…” – not interesting but certainly important!
  4. “…why don’t we brush it first with a stiff bristled brush to loosen any caked in or firm dirt deposits; then we can give it a light vacuum with the head set for a  long piled carpet to collect any obvious dirt; shampoo with a rotary cleaner to massage loose the most stubborn of dirt deposits; once dry, vacuum with the head set for a medium to long pile carpet to raise the pile; weekly vacuuming thereafter with the head set at one notch above that which causes the vacuum cleaners motor to sound strained. This will clean your carpet and allow you to KEEP it clean WITHOUT destroying it in the process…” – interesting and important!

As you can see, no-one died and life goes on… after all, they’re only words…

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