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Literacy and Numeracy Are Unnecessary In The Modern World

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literacy-and-numeracy-are-unnecessary-in-the-modern-worldThe world has changed somewhat since the 1800′s…“, may seem a rather obvious statement to most people but alas not so for our education policy makers.

Education Policy both Nationally and Internationally, has primarily been based around Mathematics and Physical Science ever since the days of The Industrial Revolution.

Since time immortal, education has always been a way to better oneself (whether that means to be able to get a good job or to be able to move in ‘higher’ social circles) and that premise still continues today. However, as the world has changed so to must the associated ”education’ if it is to remain integral to self betterment.

Looking beyond Literacy and Numeracy, is only the beginning.

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The Race That Stops A Nation

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“The race that stops a nation” – how absolutely absurd!

The race that stops the nationThe Melbourne Cup is here again (first weekend in November) and so too are the silly hats, champagne breakfasts and obligatory office ‘pools’.

Yes, vast segments of the nation (including the populous media) certainly do get swept up in the furor and do ‘down tools’ for a brief moment BUT Read the rest of this entry »

Babyccino’s Are Dangerous

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Aah… nothing beats a good old natter with your girlfriends and a cappuccino and hey… if you’re a two year old, why not have a babyccino?

I’ll tell you why not!

Babyccinos are dangerousAnd for those of you who do not as yet know what a babyccino is, it’s supposedly the baby version of the most social of coffees… the cappuccino.

But you cry, it’s nothing more than frothy milk (no caffeine), so where’s the harm? Is it the lashings of chocolate powder that adorn the top that worry you so, because if that’s the case it’s easily rectified with a quick scoop from mum and the chocolate top is gone?

Or perhaps the side order of marshmallows has you worried? Sure, marshmallows are not good for any pint sized kid since it’s nothing more than a gigantic sugar fix.

So besides the obvious three dangers of caffeine, chocolate powder and marshmallows – all of which are easily controlled by mum – where’s the hidden danger?

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Restaurants – The Great Australian Food Swindle!

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michelin star restaurantsFine dining and Michelin star (chefs hat) restaurants are all very well for some but for others… Australian restaurants are nothing other than the greatest food swindle of all.

With the resurgence of celebrity cooking shows [on TV] like Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules, comes an increased public interest in ‘eating out’ and sampling of ‘new foods’ BUT so to comes an increase in the activity of shonky restaurants and bogus chefs.

No longer can you simply rely on price being an indicator of quality (or quantity) nor the restaurant name or reputation being some form of guarantee. Nowadays you have to ASK!

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Australia – A Nation Of Tattoos

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Tattoos, you either love them or hate them  - and no more so than in Australia.

tattooAs a nation, Australia has more tattoos per head of population than any other 1st world Western civilisation and it shows. No matter where you are or what social circles you in, chances are somebody right next to you has a tattoo. Sure it may only be a small teeny weeny little ankle tattoo or a set of Olympic rings hidden under their knickers, but it’s still a tattoo.

But why the love of tattoos, Australia?

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Yellow Pages Just Got Thinner

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Like clockwork, today we received the new edition of the Yellow Pages telephone directory. You know, that big thick heavy clunky telephone directory…

The Yellow Pages just got thinner

The Yellow Pages is practically a national institution in many western nations and it’s distinctive colour and size, along with it’s logo are recognised everywhere. In fact you could almost say you’d ‘feel lost’ without it… but that would only be half the truth!

Yes, it’s a telephone directory and we use it to look up the telephone numbers of local businesses but it also has other vital uses.

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The Great Solar Panel Swindle

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“Hurry… Get your Solar Panels today and cash in on the government rebate BEFORE it’s to late!”

We’ve all seen the adverts plastered across our TV screens and swamping the radio waves and by all accounts it sounds like a great offer… almost to good to miss.

I mean, the Federal government is giving away about $6500 per installation (on a retail cost of say $8000) which only leaves you or me paying $1500 to get the job done – an absolute bargain isn’t it?

And there’s more. On top of this federal rebate, the various states will chuck in a few bob to sweeten the deal and here’s the deal maker, the electricity supply companies will PAY YOU for the electricity you produce but don’t use..! Wow… FREE MONEY.

Sounds to good to be true so where’s the catch if there is one at all?

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Leaf Blowers – Australia’s New Phallic Symbol

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Love them or hate them, there is no denying that the once humble leaf blower has now taken root in the Australian male psychic and is every bit as important to him as is his phallus.

The definition of a phallic symbol is “any object, such as a cigar or skyscraper, that may broadly resemble or represent the penis, especially an object that symbolizes power, like an automobile”.

Cue our leaf blower…

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Win, Win, …It’s Another Facebook Competition

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Facebook competitions have been around since time immortal, but does anybody actually win..?

Click and WIN with facebook and MemoryClouds

Click on the above image and then ‘like’ it to WIN!


Well, now’s your chance to find out!


Boutique Markets in conjunction with facebook, is running a little competition to find the next stall holder for their prestigious market.

The five finalists in the Ready To Retail competition have each displayed their wares on the Boutique Markets facebook page and the finalist with the most likes… wins!

That makes ONE winner, but what about YOU?

Well, pop on over to the competition and just ‘like’ this image… and perhaps you too could WIN (and that makes TWO).

So its a classic win-win situation for both You and I.


Click here for your chance to WIN


Good Luck.

I Do Not Suffer Fools Gladly

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Everyone has some form or another of an Achilles heel and mine is I don’t suffer fools gladly. Some might say this is a good thing but I happen to disagree and here’s why.

I don not suffer fools gladly
The full or given meaning to the phrase is well documented both in the bible (2 Corinthians 11:19) and on the internet (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suffer_fools_gladly) but without real life examples. Based on this literature alone I too would consider the suffering of a fool to be unacceptable.

In simple English it is “the foolish actions of one, causing the suffering in others”.

Let me give you an example:

Your regular footy game and the team is going for the win. Everybody is pulling their weight and doing their best except for one player. He is your typical court jester and makes everybody on and off the field laugh and in fact, generally makes the game fun for all.

Suddenly the run of play goes right to where the ‘court jester’ is and just as he is mi-larking about, the opposition slips through and scores!

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