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Strategic Departure For Air Australia’s New Arrival

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Strategic Airlines re-Brands Itself As Air Australia But Fails In Changing From Charter To Schedule

Strategic Departure for Air Australia's ArrivalEarlier this month I had the pleasure (or rather displeasure) of flying away for a short break with fledgling airline company Strategic Airlines but returned home a few days later courtesy of the brand new outfit known as Air Australia.

The two flights were like Chalk and Cheese - they may as well have been two different airlines!

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JetStar vs Virgin

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To some of you flying JetStar versus flying Virgin Australia is a no brain-er but for others this is your final Boarding Call.

JetStar versus VirginYou need to make a quick trip and have to book a short haul flight across Australia! A quick glance at the Internet serves up cheap flights from JetStar, Virgin Australia and until recently Tiger Airways. Prices are much of a muchness as are departure times. Who do you fly with?

Some of us will take the cheapest option albeit only say $10 difference, others may choose the departure time albeit only 30 minutes difference and others like myself will make their decision based on brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty you say… is that still relevant in the modern competitive era?

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