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Yelling At Kids Is Good For Them

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yelling_at_kids_is_good_for_themI was recently asked to read an article titled ‘The Important Thing About Yelling’, originally published on HandsFreeMama.com and more recently on FamilyShare.com. A very engaging and well written piece, it stirred all kinds of emotions not least of which was anger!

Anger at the fact that some people speak from a position of authority yet are so misinformed, that the article was completely one sided and did not have the other persons perspective and that it was written by a woman for other woman yet failed to mention this oversight.

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Raising Children In 3-D

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There’s plenty of literature out there, telling us how to raise our children but nothing beats good old fashioned experience… but what if you’re a first time parent like me?

We’ll a friend of mine (another dad) once said to me… ‘parenting is all about distraction… master that and you’re three quarters done‘.

I’m two years into fatherhood and sure enough, ‘distraction‘ has been a valuable tool but I would like to augment those early wise words with another two… ‘deceit‘ and ‘deception‘ giving us the three D’s or my 
3-D approach to raising children

OK, before you go off on a tangent, let me explain.

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