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Australian Election Hangover

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Australian Election Hangover

Phew… what a night

It began as most elections do, with a clear objective of electing a winner but somehow, that doesn’t seemed to have happened..!

So what went wrong?

Well for a start, neither party campaigned strongly enough to persuade the electorate of their merits and in so doing, allowed their opponents to prosper.

That aside, the real reason for the dilemma we now find ourselves facing, is due to Read the rest of this entry »

Australian Elections are Rigged

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Australian Ballot Paper

Australian Ballot Paper

If you were to say you are confused by the Australian Ballot Paper or confused by the Australian voting system, you are not alone.

People have said I’m not a stupid person and in fact in fact in some quarters I’m considered rather intelligent, so why is then that I find the Australian Electoral System so confusing?

Could it be that it is intended so..! Could it be deliberately done so that the electorate unwittingly partakes and ‘ratifies’ an otherwise sham..?

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