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Poor Fat People

If you’re fat, you’re going to be poor. If you want to be wealthy, you going to have to be slim. It may sound bigoted to you but, go to any shopping mall and you can see it for yourself.

I know this is a terribly bigoted thing to say but…

Poor Fat People

Have You Ever Noticed How Most Fat People Seem To Be From The Lower Socio Economic Class?

Last weekend the wife and I began our Christmas shopping with a visit to the Shopping Mall. The wife shopped and I sat and ‘people watched’ and this is what I saw!

First, let me impartially set the scene for you…

The shopping mall has been designed so that retailers of a similar ilk lease space in a similar area. What this means is the various principal tenants (e.g. Big W, Woolworths, Event Cinemas) are strategically placed around the mall and the remaining space is then grouped according to retail sector.

So we have the electronic goods stores, the high end fashion stores, the cheap ‘n cheerful stores, etc. all grouped in their own areas. In addition to all this is of course the fast food mall, situated slap bang in the middle of the mall with a more expensive restaurant strip adjacent but outside (al fresco dining).

Now to impartially document the people I saw…

At least 75% of all shoppers in Big W were huge and what I mean by this is the adults weighed in at more than 120 kg. Yes there was a fair proportion of Pacific and Polynesian Islanders who we all accept have a certain disposition for larger than life sizes but there was also plenty of shoppers of Caucasian decent.

Moving down to the high end fashion stores of Country Road, Oroton, Mimco, etc. I couldn’t help but notice that at least 75% of all shoppers were slight and here I mean of slender build and weighing less that 60 kg.

Come mid morning it was time to change my daughters nappy so off I trundled to the changing rooms. They are situated behind the fast food mall. Again it was like a bright flashing neon sign, almost the entire mall was filled with very large people… all either queueing for food or stuffing the faces with food.

Come lunch time we decided to stop and eat at one of the al fresco dining restaurants and the lack of similarity couldn’t have been more glaring. More people in less area only because everyone seemed more slender. The space between chairs when seated was enough for a pram to pass with ease, unlike the fast food mall where it is standing room only.

And now to state the obvious…

The fat people all shopped at the cheap shops, the slim people all shopped at the expensive shops!
The fat people all ate in the fast food mall and the slim people all ate at the al fresco restaurants!

… all of which supports the original hypothesis!

So where does that leave us? Well, you could argue that one way of loosing weight is to stop eating at the fast food mall and switch to the restaurants and good eateries…

Food for thought (excuse the pun).

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