Warning – Speed Camera In Use!

Police ‘warning signs’ that don’t actually warn you are nothing other than civil harassment and the authorities responsible should be brought to book. Take the ever infuriating ‘Speed Camera In Use’ sign as a prime example.

Here’s a curiosity that’s baffled me ever since I first set eyes on it a few years back.

Queensland Police Speed Camera in useThe  (Australian) Queensland Police have the peculiar habit of displaying this little sign next to their police van, whenever they are in the process of using a speed camera!

The message is pretty clear and unambiguous,


but what it’s supposed to achieve is what really baffles me.

Sure… you can tell me all about the psychology of speeding and how this little sign will in effect, make you slow down in anticipation of the camera… BUT that only makes sense when the sign is displayed ahead of the camera. ie, you see the sign BEFORE you travel past the camera and have your speed recorded!

So please explain to me the rational behind positioning this sign OUT OF SIGHT of the passing motorist…?

Is it to warn pedestrians..? Is it to have a laugh at the motorists expense AFTER they have passed the camera..? Is it just there to satisfy some legal requirement..? The answer to this question alludes me and any rational thought completely baffles me.

You see, the sign is ALWAYS displayed just BEHIND the van, nearest the kerb AND here’s the funny part, FACING the wrong way. What I mean by that is, yes it’s facing the flow of traffic BUT by the time the traffic can actually see it, the sign would need to be rotated through 90 degrees otherwise it’s facing in completely the wrong direction…

Go figure!

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