Why Do You Have To Beg Australian Businesses To Take Your Custom?

Why-Do-You-Have-To-Beg-Australian-Businesses-To-Take-Your-CustomWhat is it with Australian businesses? How come you have to ask a service provider or retailer repeatedly and literally have to beg, for a quote or price? What is it that makes them reluctant to divulge the cost of their services or product? It baffles me!

Any other country in the Western world they would be clamoring for your custom and going the extra mile to secure that custom, after all it’s the primary objective of their business is it not? Apparently not so here in Australia.

Perhaps it’s the ‘laid back’ culture that has been allowed to permeate through, or perhaps it’s the old ‘supply and demand’ ratio being in their favor… but whatever it is, it just baffles me!

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WHMCS Support Help Desk Staffed By Robots

WHMCS Support Desk Staffed By RobotsSupport Help Desks – you either love them or hate them but none more so than when they are staffed by robots!

Take WHMCS for example, an industry leader when it comes to supplying a mid tear management system to hosting companies… it has decided to staff their Support Help Desk by Robots!

Now I don’t mean literally little mechanical robots buzzing around the office, and nor do I mean some high-tech wizardry or super computer manning the help desk… no, it’s worse than that.

Robots by their very nature

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Australia Post is Killing Online Business

It’s a fact! Australia Post is killing online business. With their latest round of stealth price increases they have once again dealt a decisive blow against the small online trader.

Australia Post is Killing Online BusinessWhy does Australia Post ‘have it in’ for small business?

Why do they feel the need to constantly increase prices – 35% in the last year alone?

Why do they constant shift the goal posts – changing weight and size limits?


Well the answer is perhaps a little more obscure than just… ‘keeping up with rising costs’, unfortunately the answer is laced with political overtones.

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Yellow Pages Just Got Thinner

Like clockwork, today we received the new edition of the Yellow Pages telephone directory. You know, that big thick heavy clunky telephone directory…

The Yellow Pages just got thinner

The Yellow Pages is practically a national institution in many western nations and it’s distinctive colour and size, along with it’s logo are recognised everywhere. In fact you could almost say you’d ‘feel lost’ without it… but that would only be half the truth!

Yes, it’s a telephone directory and we use it to look up the telephone numbers of local businesses but it also has other vital uses.

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Use Pornography To Promote Your Business

Use Pornography To Promote Your Business

The old adage ‘Sex Sells’ is as true today as it was when first mooted by Ad men back in the 1950’s.

The advertising medium and technologies used may have changed but the market place is still driven by people and their desires, and those desires haven’t changed in millennia – and I doubt they’ll be changing any time soon.

So, a predictable future… that’s got to present a good business opportunity, hasn’t it?

Absolutely! From a marketing standpoint, if we can be assured that ‘sex sells’ then all we need to do is assimilate our product with something sexy and voilà, your product will sell.

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Strategic Departure For Air Australia’s New Arrival

Strategic Airlines re-Brands Itself As Air Australia But Fails In Changing From Charter To Schedule

Strategic Departure for Air Australia's ArrivalEarlier this month I had the pleasure (or rather displeasure) of flying away for a short break with fledgling airline company Strategic Airlines but returned home a few days later courtesy of the brand new outfit known as Air Australia.

The two flights were like Chalk and Cheese – they may as well have been two different airlines!

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Australian Tax Return Deadline

Today is the DAY… for your Australian Tax Return! – Or Is It..?

Tax Return DeadlineAustralian Tax Returns for Individuals are due at the end of each Australian financial year, that is June 30th to you and me.

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) gives us a few months to get it all together and submit it to them, so that takes us up to October 31st. After this date… to quote the ATO, “..penalties apply..”. Scary stuff!

So that makes today the day for the ATO deadline for Tax Return Submissions – right? Well not necessarily, and here’s why.

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JetStar vs Virgin

To some of you flying JetStar versus flying Virgin Australia is a no brain-er but for others this is your final Boarding Call.

JetStar versus VirginYou need to make a quick trip and have to book a short haul flight across Australia! A quick glance at the Internet serves up cheap flights from JetStar, Virgin Australia and until recently Tiger Airways. Prices are much of a muchness as are departure times. Who do you fly with?

Some of us will take the cheapest option albeit only say $10 difference, others may choose the departure time albeit only 30 minutes difference and others like myself will make their decision based on brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty you say… is that still relevant in the modern competitive era?


Channel 7 Promotes Illegal Movie Downloads

Yup, you heard right!
Channel 7 supports illegal movie downloads

The television network Channel 7 blatantly supports and promotes the illegal downloading of movies off the Internet!

As preposterous as it seems, Channel 7 continues to drive its audience towards the illegal act of movie piracy. Night after night they show ‘full length’ cinema movies laced with advertising. Advertising on TV is nothing new and it’s something we have all grown to expect AND accept. After all, it’s traditionally the business model upon which TV stations are based.

BUT Channel 7 has taken things a step further.

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Gas Fracking Will Save The Environment

Let me start off by saying that if the world really wants to ‘Save The Environment‘, then the world needs to remove it’s dependency on the environment because it’s that very same dependency that is fuelling the destruction.

Gas Fracking Will Save The Environment

Now we all know that ‘the world’ is not about to cut back let alone remove it’s environmental dependency no matter how hard or loud any lobby may bleat, so where does that leave us – I’ll tell you where that leaves us… it leaves us with Gas Fracking!

You and everyone else on this planet needs ‘energy’, some may need only a few sticks of wood for a fire yet others may require megawatts of electricity or billions of barrels of oil… and no matter how you cut it, slice it or parcel it up, producing that energy all leads to the destruction of the environment in one way or another!