Yelling At Kids Is Good For Them

yelling_at_kids_is_good_for_themI was recently asked to read an article titled ‘The Important Thing About Yelling’, originally published on and more recently on A very engaging and well written piece, it stirred all kinds of emotions not least of which was anger!

Anger at the fact that some people speak from a position of authority yet are so misinformed, that the article was completely one sided and did not have the other persons perspective and that it was written by a woman for other woman yet failed to mention this oversight.


2 Worlds 5 Minutes Apart

Have you ever felt that you exist in a world completely different to that of others around you? Could it be that there is YOUR WORLD and another PARALLEL WORLD… only 5 minutes away?

2 Worlds 5 Minutes ApartNow, I’m not talking about Einsteins Theory of Relativity, any sort of time travel, anything hypothetical or ‘cosmic’… I’m talking about a real, tangible 5 minutes.

I’m talking about you living your life adjacent to others and sharing a lot of the same material things BUT living your life a mere 5 minutes later (or earlier) meaning you see and experience the world completely differently – so much so that it might as well be a different world completely.

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How The Peoples Republic of China Is Changing The Way YOU Think

The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is changing the way you and I think… whether you like it or not! As much as you may choose to distance yourself from the PRC, it doesn’t change the fact that their communist regime and associated social values and work ethic are directly changing you and your social values and the way you choose to work. The PRC is changing YOU!

Peoples Republic of China“What a load of rubbish” you may say… “They’re over there and I’m over here, how can they possibly have any influence over me?”

The PRC exports everything to everybody, there’s not a country on earth that doesn’t buy something from China. There are things we used to make ourselves but China makes them quicker and cheaper so in a free market economy (as most of the world is)… we all end up buying from China. So straight off the bat ‘… they’re taking all our jobs…’ and this obviously DIRECTLY affects you and me.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

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Relationships and The Natural Angle of Repose of Beach Sand

The English language is wonderful and never more so than when used to describe things. Recently, I was presented with what by all accounts appeared to be a dilemma and was asked for my advice and after due consideration found that the dilemma itself contained the very answer the person sought.

relationships-and-the-natural-angle-of-repose-of-beach-sandThe dilemma surrounded the question as to whether to actively pursue a potential relationship or not and my answer was thus, a relationship between two people can be likened to the natural angle of repose of beach sand. In essence whatever course of action you choose, the laws of nature (or life) will dictate and win out so don’t do anything you’re not prepared to back up with 24/7 support.

Lets bring in the beach sand and I’ll explain.


Raising Children In 3-D

There’s plenty of literature out there, telling us how to raise our children but nothing beats good old fashioned experience… but what if you’re a first time parent like me?

We’ll a friend of mine (another dad) once said to me… ‘parenting is all about distraction… master that and you’re three quarters done‘.

I’m two years into fatherhood and sure enough, ‘distraction‘ has been a valuable tool but I would like to augment those early wise words with another two… ‘deceit‘ and ‘deception‘ giving us the three D’s or my 
3-D approach to raising children

OK, before you go off on a tangent, let me explain.


Warning – Speed Camera In Use!

Here’s a curiosity that’s baffled me ever since I first set eyes on it a few years back.

Queensland Police Speed Camera in useThe  (Australian) Queensland Police have the peculiar habit of displaying this little sign next to their police van, whenever they are in the process of using a speed camera!

The message is pretty clear and unambiguous,


but what it’s supposed to achieve is what really baffles me.

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Poor Fat People

I know this is a terribly bigoted thing to say but…

Poor Fat People

Have You Ever Noticed How Most Fat People Seem To Be From The Lower Socio Economic Class?

Last weekend the wife and I began our Christmas shopping with a visit to the Shopping Mall. The wife shopped and I sat and ‘people watched’ and this is what I saw!

First, let me impartially set the scene for you…

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Use Pornography To Promote Your Business

Use Pornography To Promote Your Business

The old adage ‘Sex Sells’ is as true today as it was when first mooted by Ad men back in the 1950’s.

The advertising medium and technologies used may have changed but the market place is still driven by people and their desires, and those desires haven’t changed in millennia – and I doubt they’ll be changing any time soon.

So, a predictable future… that’s got to present a good business opportunity, hasn’t it?

Absolutely! From a marketing standpoint, if we can be assured that ‘sex sells’ then all we need to do is assimilate our product with something sexy and voilà, your product will sell.

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Raw Deal On Café Sugars

Can you spot the raw sugar sachet from the fist full of sugars
on offer at your local café?

Raw deal on cafe sugarTake a look at this picture and tell me honestly… which one do you think is the RAW sugar?

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down at your local café for a nice cuppa coffee and a read of the Sunday paper, than having it all destroyed by putting WHITE sugar in your coffee!

You’re in a relaxed mood and reach for the sugar and grab what you rightly would think is the RAW sugar sachet, tear it open and casually pour it in… you don’t take time out to read the label, you don’t pour it slowly to check the contents, you don’t think, you just do it automatically.

All your actions are instinctively based on the colour coding of the sugar sachets.

Invariably it all goes wrong.


Understanding the Work : Eat : Play Balance

Everybody needs to understand The Work | Eat | Play Balance and how it affects your everyday life.

Work Eat Play Balance


For much of the last decade everyone has been banging on about achieving Work | Life Balance so much so that it has almost become mainstream thinking. Society embraces it and employers tolerate it – it’s a fait accompli.


But what about Work | Eat | Play Balance, isn’t that sort of the same thing..?

Er… No, and that’s precisely the point!