Babyccino’s Are Dangerous

Aah… nothing beats a good old natter with your girlfriends and a cappuccino and hey… if you’re a two year old, why not have a babyccino?

I’ll tell you why not!

Babyccinos are dangerousAnd for those of you who do not as yet know what a babyccino is, it’s supposedly the baby version of the most social of coffees… the cappuccino.

But you cry, it’s nothing more than frothy milk (no caffeine), so where’s the harm? Is it the lashings of chocolate powder that adorn the top that worry you so, because if that’s the case it’s easily rectified with a quick scoop from mum and the chocolate top is gone?

Or perhaps the side order of marshmallows has you worried? Sure, marshmallows are not good for any pint sized kid since it’s nothing more than a gigantic sugar fix.

So besides the obvious three dangers of caffeine, chocolate powder and marshmallows – all of which are easily controlled by mum – where’s the hidden danger?

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Raw Deal On Café Sugars

Can you spot the raw sugar sachet from the fist full of sugars
on offer at your local café?

Raw deal on cafe sugarTake a look at this picture and tell me honestly… which one do you think is the RAW sugar?

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down at your local café for a nice cuppa coffee and a read of the Sunday paper, than having it all destroyed by putting WHITE sugar in your coffee!

You’re in a relaxed mood and reach for the sugar and grab what you rightly would think is the RAW sugar sachet, tear it open and casually pour it in… you don’t take time out to read the label, you don’t pour it slowly to check the contents, you don’t think, you just do it automatically.

All your actions are instinctively based on the colour coding of the sugar sachets.

Invariably it all goes wrong.