Restaurants – The Great Australian Food Swindle!

michelin star restaurantsFine dining and Michelin star (chefs hat) restaurants are all very well for some but for others… Australian restaurants are nothing other than the greatest food swindle of all.

With the resurgence of celebrity cooking shows [on TV] like Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules, comes an increased public interest in ‘eating out’ and sampling of ‘new foods’ BUT so to comes an increase in the activity of shonky restaurants and bogus chefs.

No longer can you simply rely on price being an indicator of quality (or quantity) nor the restaurant name or reputation being some form of guarantee. Nowadays you have to ASK!

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Another Fine Eatery Goes South

It was only ever going to be just a matter of time before another great eatery falls from grace… Today, it was the turn of

Anna's Garden Terrace Café

Annas Garden Terrace Café, Gold Coast.

In that all consuming quest for the mighty dollar, Anna’s decided to take a very successful recipe (excuse the pun) and try to improve on it… but unfortunately the end result has been a total flop (no excuse for the pun this time).