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Australia Post is Killing Online Business

It’s a fact! Australia Post is killing online business. With their latest round of stealth price increases they have once again dealt a decisive blow against the small online trader.

Australia Post is Killing Online BusinessWhy does Australia Post ‘have it in’ for small business?

Why do they feel the need to constantly increase prices – 35% in the last year alone?

Why do they constant shift the goal posts – changing weight and size limits?


Well the answer is perhaps a little more obscure than just… ‘keeping up with rising costs’, unfortunately the answer is laced with political overtones.

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The Great Solar Panel Swindle

“Hurry… Get your Solar Panels today and cash in on the government rebate BEFORE it’s to late!”

We’ve all seen the adverts plastered across our TV screens and swamping the radio waves and by all accounts it sounds like a great offer… almost to good to miss.

I mean, the Federal government is giving away about $6500 per installation (on a retail cost of say $8000) which only leaves you or me paying $1500 to get the job done – an absolute bargain isn’t it?

And there’s more. On top of this federal rebate, the various states will chuck in a few bob to sweeten the deal and here’s the deal maker, the electricity supply companies will PAY YOU for the electricity you produce but don’t use..! Wow… FREE MONEY.

Sounds to good to be true so where’s the catch if there is one at all?

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Australian Tax Return Deadline

Today is the DAY… for your Australian Tax Return! – Or Is It..?

Tax Return DeadlineAustralian Tax Returns for Individuals are due at the end of each Australian financial year, that is June 30th to you and me.

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) gives us a few months to get it all together and submit it to them, so that takes us up to October 31st. After this date… to quote the ATO, “..penalties apply..”. Scary stuff!

So that makes today the day for the ATO deadline for Tax Return Submissions – right? Well not necessarily, and here’s why.


The Allconnex Gold Coast City Council Conspiracy

Allconnex Gold Coast City Council Conspiracy

Allconnex, the Gold Coast City Council water department by another name.

Sure they’ve got different names and sure they have different logos and hey, a quick search of companies house yields they’ve got different owners – so by all accounts you would think they’re independant BUT YOU’D BE WRONG.

Allconnex is just the Gold Coast City Council Water Department by another name!

…but don’t take my word for it, just read on and see for yourself.


WikiLeaks, the Governments Big Brother

Hey.. Mr Government,


is watching YOU!

How does it feel now, with the shoe on the other foot…?

Well, it feels just great from where I’m sitting down here as Mr Joe Blow public.

It’s about time somebody stood up and began holding the worlds governments accountable and today that somebody is Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.


QR National IPO

QR NationalWarning!

QR National Initial Public Offering


It’s on TV, it’s in the papers and soon to be in our letter boxes…

It’s the big state sell off and you can be a part of it! Give your hard earned cash to the Queensland State government (for something you already own) and in return they will give you a share of … ‘soon to be nothing’!

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at last QLD gets Daylight Saving!

daylight-savingAfter the very successful running of the second Earth Hour last week, the QLD government has hit on a novel way of appeasing all parties in the debate over Daylight Saving in the state.